The Satanic Bible Magazine was created to help spread and teach the religious and philosophical teachings of Rev. Caesar 999. Caesar’s religion of Spiritual Satanism 999, brings to light the Satanic Moral-Value System, the Way of 999, and the concepts of the Holy Whore Priestess/Priest and Warrior-Priest/Priestess!

This magazine will attempt to bring together naturally anti-Christian and Satanic art forms, and skills like Tantra, Yoga, and Martial Arts with informative articles and excerpts from a variety of books, and subject matters. The reader and voyeur will discover intellectual and sexually stimulating articles, erotica, poetry, mysticism, magick, and philosophy to expand and enlighten their dark minds.

Finally, we bring this diabolic creation to a whole new level with custom Satanic artwork, along with mind crushing beauty, and raw raunchiness radiating from our undressed Satanic Models! The Satanic Bible Magazine will stimulate the reader and voyeur on so many levels and inspire them to join in the Satanic revelry!

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